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Jacob Zelek

Software engineer interested in anything software, distributed systems, cryptocurrency, and ham radio

  1. Why I Chose Golang

    I’ve went through numerous programming languages personally and professionaly. In the last year I’ve picked up Go as my primary backend and REST API development language. In this post I document the reasons. Please note that these reasons are coming from my perspective of primarily developing in Python for the last 3 years. The following are somewhat ordered by importance. …

  2. Raspberry Pi SDR with GNURadio

    The Raspberry Pi is a small SoC type device you can find for around $40. I never had much use for it earlier on but, having found out one of the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi 2 can produce a square wave in the range of “130 kHz to 750 MHz”, I finally felt justified. Thanks to Evariste Courjaud F5OEO, creator of rpitx, the Raspberry Pi can transmit RF within said frequency range, effectively making it the cheapest transmitting SDR I’ve seen to date. …